Fraud Alert - David Haigh & #FreeLatifa

FRAUD ALERT: A man named David Haigh, who has been convicted of fraud/forgery, has falsely claimed that he was instructed by Sheikha Latifa in 2018, and that he represents her.  In reality, Sheikha Latifa has not instructed David Haigh and has not even spoken to him.  David Haigh is now associated to the #FreeLatifa campaign and website. 


The High Court of England has, during a fraud case against Haigh, has ordered the #FreeLatifa campaign to disclose payments and donations received as Haigh is under a worldwide freeze order. 


Detained in Dubai has received a number of complaints from the public that they have donated to the case under the mistaken belief that we run the campaign.  Please note that Detained in Dubai does not operate the @FreeLatifa fundraiser or website and does not support Mr David Haigh and his associates, including Tiina Jauhiainen who have perpetuated mistruths regarding Princess Latifa.

FRAUD ALERT:  A man named David Haigh, who was convicted of fraud/forgery has falsely claimed to be the CEO and Founder of Detained in Dubai.  He has misrepresented himself as having represented clients of Radha Stirling and Detained in Dubai.  Click here for more information.

Further information:  David Haigh Free Latifa Fraud Alert


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