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The attack on Nostromo and kidnapping of Princess Latifa - Questions answered for the FIRST time

On the left, Sheikha Latifa, on the right Hervé Jaubert’s yacht, "Nostromo" involved in her attempted escape from Dubai in 2018
Questions set to be answered for the first time.

The incident involving Princess Latifa and Nostromo continues to puzzle people, but Detained in Dubai promises to make further details available so that an occurrence like this doesn't repeat itself.

In 2018, the UAE tried to cover up the kidnapping of Princess Latifa from Cptn. Hervé Jaubert’s 100 ft luxury yacht, Nostromo, which floated in the international waters of the bay of Bengal. Dubai initially attempted to persuade the world that the missing woman wasn’t even Latifa and desperately tried to circulate pictures of a different Latifa in the media. They were unsuccessful so later admitted it was indeed Latifa and that they orchestrated a “rescue mission” to “save” the ruler’s daughter (who had twice tried to escape before).

Dubai will now have us believe that Princess Latifa, who three times has fled and who testified to her abuse and torture, is “safe, happy” and wants her “privacy”.

The international media has already exposed so much, but many questions remain unanswered. When a state commits a crime, who has the power to investigate? The truth is easily buried.

Fast-forward five years, and we now have meaningful answers to questions that were once asked:

Who planned and orchestrated the attack on Nostromo?

Who gave the orders and what were they?

Was America involved?

Did the UAE plan to execute Latifa and her friends?

Who were the specific individuals who boarded the yacht and assaulted those onboard?

Who specifically kidnapped Latifa as she fought and screamed?

Were there Americans present and assisting during the attack?

Was India told the truth by the UAE?

What was the plan when Cptn. Jaubert & the crew were forced to Dubai?

Who interrogated them?

Why were they released?

Who are the individuals who abused and tortured Latifa as described in her video?

Are the individuals who committed these crimes welcome in the UK/US?

Was Latifa drugged?

Is Latifa really free?

How is Sheikha Shamsa now?

What happened to Sheikh Rashid?

What happened to Sheikha Bouchra?

What happened to Latifa’s brother, Majid?

What are the internal politics within Dubai palace?

Can Sheikh Mohammed trust his advisors?

Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, was contacted from Nostromo by Captain Hervé Jaubert and Princess Latifa in February 2018 and during the March 4th raid. The organisation is committed to exposing the detail of this horrific and illegal attack to prevent such criminal actions happening in the future. After five years of investigations, we are finally able to reveal significant details that had been clandestinely withheld from the international community.

For updates on the latest news and findings, follow Radha Stirling's Twitter page.


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