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Unfolding mystery of “Runaway Dubai Princess" with American national - Desperate FULL LENGTH video

On the 4th of March 2018, British NGO Detained in Dubai received a plea for emergency assistance from a young woman who claimed to be a daughter of the ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates,Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The woman identified herself as a Sheikha Latifa Mohammed Al Maktoum the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is understood she was traveling with the former French intelligence operative Jean Pierre Hervé Jaubert, also an American citizen of Florida and another young women named Tina, who is believed to be British or American.

Immediately upon initial contact, Detained in Dubai commenced steps to verify the identity of the parties and the claims made. Detained in Dubai staff were able to contact various third parties who confirmed the identity of Sheikha Latifa. During this process there was regular and lengthy contact between the missing person and Detained in Dubai.

On Sunday the 4th of March at 18:24 GMT, Detained in Dubai's founder and CEO Radha Stirling received a distress message, followed by a distress call from the woman who appeared in a panicked and frightened state. She stated "Radha, please help. There are men outside. I hear gunshots and I am hiding with my friend".

Following the distress call, communication with all of the missing persons ceased. Having had communication with the missing person previously, and following the distress call, Detained in Dubai alerted the relevant authorities. Detained in Dubai further sought the assistance of leading human rights Barristers and Queen's Counsel together with the assistance of several leading human rights charities with which Detained in Dubai works.

Detained in Dubai filed a police report with the Metropolitan police in London’s kidnapping and people trafficking unit, whom we understand has now involved the counter terrorism unit in the UK. A report was also made to the Middle Eastern desk of the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

In addition, a missing persons report was filed with the The US state department, the UAE Ambassador to the UK, and the coast guard of India, where the missing persons had conveyed their last known position to be.

Since the incident, parties who had known the missing persons have confirmed their identity and last known location. Close friends have confirmed that the woman in the video was who she said she was, Sheikha Latifa. The woman explained that there are several Sheikha Latifa’s and that she was the one known for sky diving, with the instagram account latifa_1 (distress message posted there before being closed down).

Two US attorneys confirmed that they were aware of the situation and had been contacted by American and French national and Florida resident Hervé Jaubert, a client of theirs, who was also known to them. They have since prepared a missing persons report.

The @MailOnline broke the news on Friday and showed part of a video where the woman explains some of the reasons for her escape attempt. The video was distributed to a US attorney by the woman for distribution in the event of her death or disappearance. The video extends for around 40 minutes and makes claims that she was "imprisoned, tortured, beaten and censored” as well as going onto name those involved and setting out various potential crimes. That video was provided to the authorities and legal advisors. The full video has since been published on YouTube by a variety of sources:

Radha Stirling, who was the last party to speak with the missing persons said "We are very concerned for the safety of the missing persons. We have already been inundated with calls and emails and evidence that assist us and the authorities. We appeal to anyone for any information that could be helpful to please get in touch with us. We would also like to appeal to anyone that can assist with the search. Lawyers, Human rights organisations, friends, family or even the General public.

The missing persons requested our assistance and instructed us to assist them in in the event of their arrest or disappearance, which we are now doing. We are liaising with authorities, leading human rights lawyers and human rights organisations.

"The story of the missing princess has touched the hearts of so many.  We have had offers of help from as far away as Peru from people that followed her on her Instagram account, now deleted, to here at home with so many following her story".

Anyone with information on the missing persons, please contact:

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